Sunday, August 09, 2015

A Word With You

Let me have a word with you. A gathering of letters formed together imbued with meaning reflective of our being. It can be our song title. I've been in tune with you since the start. You warned me of your worst ways while I let them fall sideways knowing the worst you could inflict on me was better than previous lovers’ regular behaviour. I presented you with the tones of my tears, each saline slide a note playing my heart across my face. You learned not all my songs are sad. You saw the symphony in my eyes. I felt the rising crescendo of your love and a new tune slipped from my vision. You never ask me to compose myself; we write this song together.  

Wednesday, August 05, 2015


I can still feel your hand gripping the back of my neck, pulling me in tight enough to let your teeth make your point.  Your voracious mouth could consume me, entirely. Without words, let your mouth speak your mind when next we meet. I hear you clearly when you silently say the ways you want me. 

Beginning to End

Fifteen years ago on a day like this, sunny & crisp, we ran into each other at the hospital doors. You, exiting. Me, entering. All that has changed since then is only everything. A specific reminiscence is a glimpse into the future. I recall my thoughts, my being of that time. Now I have the power to live that moment knowing what the future holds. We never saw it coming, these people we now are. I could not have even conceived it, and I'm sure neither could you. We're both living the starts of our second lives. They feel like the first; the past was a false reality. How fantastic to be truly awake, no longer sleepwalking through life. Autonomy is precious. 

Wouldn’t you agree that all the loss of a so called solid foundation of truth is worth the complete unknown & nothing we've inherited in our awakening? I cherish the infinite certainty of not knowing the answer to life—the vastness & the nothingness of being, the finite ending of existence. It's such a relief. 


Nocturnal warmth brings forth my feline sensibility & my senses prowl free. 

Heaven sent, the heady scent of May trees make a believer out of me.

Ebony serenity, pray to prey I wander the way the day kisses night.