Saturday, March 07, 2015


You appeared in real life quite suddenly & very unexpected. Terrified I was not ready for you, for me, for us, I could hardly stand to look you in the eyes, yet could not stop. I gazed your face, seeking recognition, a reason for the feeling that you could be my future if we could only get past all this present without being utterly consumed by the overwhelming, all encompassing igniting of our minds and bodies. We stared into one another, at once enamoured & humoured by the thrilling ridiculousness of this, our first moment together. I could have easily kissed you. Instead we settled for a hug that unsettled us both. Our bodies said hello and goodbye as we each held tight, and then tighter still. Your strong arms made me rise, and I fell for you. I could barely bear to let you go. My arms longed to linger an hour longer.  That was simple folly. An hour spent encompassed in your embrace would not have been nearly enough. I could have lived a lifetime in that doorway, drowning in bliss while you held me up.