Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Rise & Fall

I sat across from you on this bench a year ago, minus six days. My body could not contain the full system enthralment I experienced in your presence. I was literally vibrating from endorphin overload & could not refrain from grinning like an idiot. What has become of me since then is all that I am. 

Within the small space between us there was a glimpse of who I could become through you. Disarmed by your charm, my mind was freed to expand fully, gather strength of character. This setting allowed me to make confidence gains which before you I never thought I'd attain. 

I trembled in your presence, quivering with awe & lust. Carefully, I placed you on a pedestal—all the better to marvel at your wonder. I saw you from a distance, forced perspective made you all-encompassing. From my viewpoint you were everything. I easily slipped into my usual role of giving myself away entirely. It was hard to keep looking up to you, far easier to bow before you. Thankfully, my servitude did not serve you. You saw my hidden strength & patiently convinced me of my own empowerment. You dropped from elevated grace the day I felt my power rise. It gave me the insight to see you were only human too. It's true you are resplendent, rich in intelligence, majestic, just as am I. Your embrace raised me to my rightful place by your side. You fell for me & it made us equals.