Thursday, March 13, 2014

The trick is to keep breathing.

Everything is achingly beautiful. Have you ever surrendered to overwhelming fear/loss/jealousy/anxiety and let it seep through you, soaking you completely in your own grief? Don’t stop there; this is only the start. The test is to feel everything, every single thing. Feel the streaming abysmal dismay, the bitter terror of abandonment, the paralyzing clutch of profound sorrow. When it rises over you, then crashes down, the trick is to keep breathing. You have to fight for air, kicking and screaming your way to the surface. Break through, breathe through, swim for shore. The waves will pass over, and fall away. You’ll see. You felt their every pummel, thought you’d drown in your own emotions. Now you understand they actually pushed you to your destination. Dry land. Safety. The terrible, brutal beauty of it all.