Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Beginning to End

Fifteen years ago on a day like this, sunny & crisp, we ran into each other at the hospital doors. You, exiting. Me, entering. All that has changed since then is only everything. A specific reminiscence is a glimpse into the future. I recall my thoughts, my being of that time. Now I have the power to live that moment knowing what the future holds. We never saw it coming, these people we now are. I could not have even conceived it, and I'm sure neither could you. We're both living the starts of our second lives. They feel like the first; the past was a false reality. How fantastic to be truly awake, no longer sleepwalking through life. Autonomy is precious. 

Wouldn’t you agree that all the loss of a so called solid foundation of truth is worth the complete unknown & nothing we've inherited in our awakening? I cherish the infinite certainty of not knowing the answer to life—the vastness & the nothingness of being, the finite ending of existence. It's such a relief. 

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Rockymountainhigh said...

Wow! So true! And very well said! Who could have guessed then that we'd be where we are today! But so glad for the journey and wouldn't regress to that time for anything. Life is pretty good these days!! Thanks for sharing this!!! :)